Jumping right in

Hi, my name is
Chloe Jade!

Welcome to my course
"How to Start Freelancing & Change Your Life"

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Just a tiny bit of backstory on myself. I have the freedom and privilege to travel the world while making money. I have visited 84 countries and hope to see every country worldwide.

A few things about me: I love to fly business class and stay in luxury accommodations, but I also love couch surfing in random people's homes and jumping in the back of a truck. I'll eat fine food in a Michelin star restaurant, or cassava on the side of the road.

However... I am not telling you this to brag...I am telling you this because my biggest flex is not how much I make, but that I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want to do it.

When people always ask me how they can do what I do, it's a long story. So that is why you are here, to learn how to obtain that financial freedom to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

Even if you do not want to travel but want to be able to work remotely...this is the course for you.

My employment journey

I don't want to keep talking about myself, but it will give you a bit of context.

From 2013-2015 I sold online fitness coaching programs. I did this through my online social media platform, mainly Instagram. I was pretty young, and this came easily to me. I didn't think too much about marketing. I just showed the results from my clients and new customers came. I saved a lot of money during this time since I was into fitness, and barely drank or went out to eat due to being obsessed with fitness.

Then from 2016-2018, I traveled. I primarily lived off of my savings. I had a lot of savings from my programs which allowed me to backpack all over the world (with a few random nights in 5 star hotels).

It was AMAZING, but when I returned to reality, I realized I needed to do something else with my life. My passion was travel, but I couldn't live off of traveling (well, I thought I couldn't...but we will get into that later).

I tried doing A LOT of different things. People only see the end success, but they do not see how much a wrestled with my life plan, and how many things I hated doing for work. For example, I tried in-person real estate sales, substitute teaching, and I even contemplated going into management for a fine dining restaurant.

I wanted to feel passionate about what I was doing. So I kept doing real estate sales, got my license in the state of NY, and moved to New York City. For the next few months, I was searching for a way to be able to afford to live in New York City once I ran out of funds.

My life changed with I realized I could start FREELANCING!

I honestly have no idea how I came up with the idea to start doing it...but I started freelancing in 2018, 4 months after moving.

In all transparency, at first, I was blog writing and making $200-$300/month. This was because my rate was only 1 CENT per word...
Yes, 1 cent.

Then I gradually moved up to 2 cents, 3, then 4, and then 5 for a long time, and moved into other areas of freelancing. After years I made a jump up to 10 cents/word and a few jobs at 1 dollar per word.

However, I eventually turned this into a business. I began hiring writers under me, and learned how to pitch for higher paying jobs.

Once my spouse moved to the USA, they also took their classic "in-person" office job, and turned it into a
FREELANCE consultancy.

This is not EASY per se, but anyone can do it if they set their mind to it and dedicate time. But, the first step is to start freelancing.

I started implementing my methods with friends and family until almost everyone I am close with (who was willing to put in the work) is now freelancing remotely, or working and consulting remotely with financial freedom. That is why I know this works.

In this course, I will teach you how to take what you know how to do in life, take whatever knowledge you have, and use that to begin freelancing. 

Eventually, I will write and release a second course regarding how to turn your freelancing into a business (LLC or corporation & scaling/hiring employees). But this course will focus on how to start freelancing and scale it up to make money to have freedom. 

I hope you can trust me to take this leap, and invest in yourself. It is possible to completely change your life by freelancing. You have no idea what this can turn into unless you try.

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