Finding your why/what is your goal?

Finding your why/what is your goal?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not having a goal.

You need to have a “WHY” for taking this leap, and putting the effort, into growing your freelancing business. Without a purpose, you may not be able to focus as well on pushing yourself, and you won’t ride through the tough times.

You need to have ownership of your work to be able to tackle the challenges that will come at you.

Ask yourself these questions

  • What is your vision?
  • What is your goal for the first, 3, 6 months, 12 months?
  • What will freelancing give you that you don't have now?
  • What do you value the most in your life?
  • What does your life need to include to feel successful to you?
  • What do people ask for your help with?
  • If you could teach one subject, what would it be?
  • What activities do you enjoy that you wish you could get paid for?
  • How can you improve other people’s lives?
  • What are your skills? What do you do well?
  • If you didn’t need to worry about money, what would you do every day/how would you spend your time?
  • What actions will you need to take to make your life the one you have always dreamed of?

Can't answer all of these questions yet?

No problem!

My hope is that participating in this course will provide you with the insight, and ability, to find your why.

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